Some tiny improvements!


I've been coding to improve some features like the time lapsed, which is very important for me, and an weird behavior with the shuffle. They are tiny improvements, but I have some cool things in mind that I will be developing in time. Don't think that I will add Spotify or Google Play; it's not that I don't want, it's just that I use the Web Audio API with streams buffers, and these services like Spotify or Google Play, they don't offer it (obviously). For now I think I've been more active than before. Like always, thanks!

  • - Fixed time lapsed when a song is playing.
  • - Improved and fixed when shuffle is enable and disabled.
  • - Added an option to scroll the list of songs using buttons (The scroll of the windows gets too small when too much songs are loaded).
  • - Added the option to add the song folder (The root parent) from the white space.
  • - Improvement in the code for better performance.

Fixed a problem with the configuration file


Yesterday was released a new version, 1.4.0, which is working great. But!, I did a mistake (So sorry :() which I'm solging. So please, download the version 1.4.1, you might lose your already music loaded (Sorry again :()and you'll have to load your song folder again.

New version released!


Thanks all of you who tried and is using Soube.

It tooks me a long time to release the new version, because I was very busy and, the most important thing, I wanted to give a good new version. So, here you are the new features:

  • - It was improved when you load your songs for the first time.
  • - It was changed the way of showing what song is playing (scrolling down when clicks on the name of the song).
  • - The searching input/bar has a new style according to Soube's look. Also, it's responding responsively.
  • - it was improved the speed when a song is loaded. This is something new, so the code will be changing and maybe will facing possible issues - Please, reports any issue ^_^.
  • - The EQ pannel was changed a bit. The buttons were replaced by a select box. Now you have the option to save your changes, give them a name and then use them!!. This is something new, so the code will be changing and maybe will facing possible issues - Please, reports any issue ^_^.

The documentation is outdated, so it will be updated as soon as possible

When is released the new version?

It seems that I left Soube... but I didn't. Actually, I'm working in the new version. I'm refactoring some things to make them faster and better :). My actual work is consuming too much time, but I haven't left Soube. For meanwhile, you can visit the project on github and go the develop branch where the things are cooking :) .

Articles about Soube

When I started Soube I was thinking: "how could I have a simple music player that could run on Linux". I know, there's tons of music players out of there for Linux. But don't get me wrong, They work great but they are so confusing to configurate and they have a lot of options that I don't use. Personally, I just need to load all my songs and have an equalizer system, just that. So as you may noticed, Soube was very personal.

The development was a great oportunity to work with new cool tools like ElectronJS, the Web Audio API and ES6. The journy was awesome, because I had to learn about Music & Sound; and I had to figure out how to solve some stuffs like the progress bar. I my job.

I never pretended to develop a great new piece of software. But since I released the first version, I've got really nice opinions and feedback. At this part, I want to say Thanks for writting about it, for taking your time testing it and for download it.

Thanks to: